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My view on UX design



The goal for this project was to improve the overall rider experience by letting the passenger adjust their ride preferences in the app settings. This offers a smoother riding journey, as well as more comforability with strangers. The driver will be informed prior to arrival if e.g. the passenger would like to have a chat, listen to the radio, and much more…


Shazam your favorite song on Instagram

A clickable prototype, that will simplify the process for music lovers. Combining two popular apps in one, allows users to shazam music in their Instagram feed. 


Test Valley Council

This project concentrates on a British council website, which is in the process of being re-designed. In order to make appropriate changes, a usability test was conducted, and suggestions were made based on current issues, which affect the user experience.


MIT Hackathon

My team „Elderwand“ developed a platform, where the elderly can connect virtually to communicate and combat their loneliness.

Medium article

Learn more about my first experience of a MIT Hackathon during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Case study

Discover how the platform „Elderwand“ functions.